Welcome to the School Environmental Safety Incident Reporting (SESIR) training site!
In order to log on to SESIR.org, select "Account" then use your District SSO (Single Sign-on) credentials.

Click on the "Account" option and sign-in with your District SSO credentials. Once signed in then you can click "Scenario" for the training scenarios that need to be completed.

All users should begin with the updated Introduction in order to learn the basic rules of SESIR reporting since there have been significant changes to reporting requirements in December 2022 and again in the Spring of 2023. Users who have completed the Introductions should continue by selecting the "Scenario" tab above. The Event and Discipline Report form is useful when determining how to code SESIR incidents. It includes links to definitions and other background information that will help the user gain a better understanding of reporting requirements.

To download your SESIR training certificate, log on to SESIR.org, select "Account" then "Your Profile" then "Download Certificate" - if there is no "Download Certificate" button on your profile page, you must complete the training to earn a certificate.

NOTE: The SESIR.org training is accessed via the Single Sign-On Portal. Please contact your District SSO office to ensure you have permission to access the SESIR training tile. If you need to access the training, visit the Single Sign-On Access page and find the SESIR tile.

SESIR Poster

School Environmental Safety Incident Reporting
Office of Safe Schools
325 West Gaines Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400
Does your school or district need SESIR posters?  Contact our office to request them: SESIR@fldoe.org