Welcome to the School Environmental Safety Incident Reporting (SESIR) training site!
Single Sign-On Access
The www.SESIR.org training site now requires Single Sign-On (SSO) access.
Users who are already in Single Sign-On (SSO) for other applications will still need to contact the district SSO liaison and request their email be added to SESIR SSO. Once the district SSO adds them to SSO for the SESIR.org training app, they should see the SESIR tile on the SSO portal. When requesting SSO access for SESIR, they need the ‘User’ role added for SESIR.org training access.
  • The SSO portal can be accessed here: https://portal.fldoesso.org/PORTAL/Sign-on/SSO-Home.aspx/
  • Then select the option: EDUCATORS
  • Then they will see the Single Sign-On page (page with a tree design). Users need to select their specific district option from the list and proceed logging in with the username and password used to login to any other SSO app.
  • Then they should see the black SESIR tile as one of their Single Sign-On options.
  • Click on the SESIR tile and then select Scenario, you will see 52 SESIR scenarios to complete.
  • Once all scenarios are completed you will be able to get the training certificate by clicking account and then the "Your profile" option.
If users are having issues with getting SSO access, or if you don’t know whom to contact for SSO access, please go to https://portal.fldoesso.org/PORTAL/Sign-On/Resources/Support.aspx and enter your district to find the best local contact. When contacting SESIR support incldue your district name and the SSO email used for accessing the SSO portal.

School Environmental Safety Incident Reporting
Office of Safe Schools
325 West Gaines Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400
Does your school or district need SESIR posters?  Contact our office to request them: SESIR@fldoe.org